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Dear Emily and Ed,

I’m writing to thank you (somewhat belatedly) for your patience, advice and assistance when I purchased my Kawai RX2 grand piano. It is a beautiful instrument and an inspiration to play.

When I first began looking to upgrade my piano, I felt that anything would be an improvement over the 100-year old upright I had been playing. Over the course of several weeks, I spent quite a bit of time trying out all the pianos in your showroom. What I found even more helpful than my own “test drives” was hearing Emily demonstrate each piano. As a result, my husband and I decided to upgrade our purchase to an RX2.

That was the best decision we could have made. When we bought our piano, I had no idea how much of a difference a better instrument could make. I’m glad we looked down the road a bit and bought an instrument that I can grow into for many years.Thanks again for your help.
Susan Jefferies
My Kawai grand piano has given me more pleasure than any other instrument I have owned. The sound is both warm and clear, suitable for all styles of music. The responsive touch is great for delicate playing but also can deliver plenty of power without harshness. The remarkably long sustain makes possible beautiful singing melodies in Chopin and grand pedal points in Bach. More than any other piano I've owned, it allows me to express myself musically without limitations. Thanks to my Kawai, I'm a better pianist now than I've ever been before!

Larry Hamberlin
Associate Professor of Music, Middlebury College

For 20 years I have served as the Technical Director for Middlebury College's Concert Hall and the center of that universe has always been 2 rather spectacular Steinway Ds. The Hilberts have been an essential part of the quality and longevity of all the pianos I have been responsible for. I can't imagine doing this job without their help.


I am lucky enough to both own an amazing piano and to have an amazing piano tuner here in Northern Vermont! Hilbert Pianos have been caring for my Fazioli Grand for the past 12 years. Over the last decade, Emily and Ed have tuned, cared for & pampered my piano with the highest level of accuracy and professionalism. Emily did a fabulous job reworking the action! I can't speak highly enough about the care my piano has received. I look forward to the Hilbert's visits twice a year!

Eva Fraser -Harris

As a music professional teaching piano and voice, I have depended on the Hilberts to keep my piano well-tuned and in good repair for over 40 years. Ed helped me find the perfect baby grand for my work. It is used every day by pianists young and old, some with great care and some with exuberant abandon. Emily and Ed have cared lovingly for my piano, and in doing so have brought joy and learning to many people. They've earned my loyalty!

Susan Borg
Lincoln VT
The Church that I am Music Director at (Church of the Assumption B.V.M.) in Middlebury, Vermont bought our first Kawai Studio piano new 16 years ago. We then bought a second Kawai Studio piano for the sanctuary four years later. The piano that is now 16 years old is used six days a week for music instruction and rehearsals. The piano is as fine today as it was the day it was delivered. The tonal quality is full, round, warm, and expressive and the action delivers everything that any pianist can ask for. These pianos are tremendous and the quality of workmanship is exquisite. I have and will continue to recommend the Kawai Studio piano to students and Churches. One of the other major reasons for total satisfaction is from Ed and Emily Hilbert of Hilbert Pianos in Bristol, Vermont. As professional piano technicians, I can't praise them enough. They are conscientious, highly professional, very kind and considerate, honest, trustworthy, and accommodating. I have used their professional services for over forty years and they have my highest personal recommendation.

Dr. Kevin D. Parizo Ph.D.

Harwood Music has been so fortunate to enjoy the expertise and wonderful service provided by the Hilbert folks over the years. We have purchased numerous wonderful instruments from them including, most recently, the Kawai RX7 Grand - a truly remarkable instrument and perfectly sized for our space! Our live concert sound and numerous recording projects have never sounded better!

Chris Rivers
Harwood Music

The beautiful Kawai piano has been a dream come true. Many thanks, Ed and Emily, for all of your caring attention to detail throughout all aspects of the purchasing experience. It is a pleasure to know you, and the piano is exquisite. My son told me that "Kawai" means "river meeting." And indeed the piano plays like the sound of living water, from the gentlest rain to powerful cascades. It is a joy and inspiration. Again, many thanks for everything.

Cynthia Hendel
Hinesburg, Vermont

To: Emily and Ed Hilbert

From: Walter G. Edmonds

Re: Purchase and Receiving of Shigeru Kawai piano

I am still rejoicing over the purchase and receiving of my Shigeru Kawai piano that occurred last year, that is, during 2015. After a great visit to your phenomenal piano storeroom and workshop, and the hospitality of you both, Peggy and I were more than delighted to purchase the 6'2” grand, which I played there for the first time, for the celebration of my 70 th birthday. The instrument has more than exceeded my desire for an “artistically fine piano” with a beauty and sound that neighbors and friends say regularly as they approach the front entrance to our house, “It sounds like a classical recording.”

I will never forget your arranging to send the piano through a local piano mover, and then accompanying the piano yourselves to give it a proper introduction to its new home at 3889 Maryland Manor Drive, Monrovia, Maryland. Overseeing the set-up, checking regulatory needs, tuning and installing the humidity system (and more), you both prepared the Shigeru for its presence in our living room. It looked wonderful, but the sound exceeded the look by a hundred fold. Without sounding too ethereal, I will say, “There were transforming moments for me on August 4, 2015, the day before my 70th birthday, when I began to play Debussy's “Claire de lune,” on the exquisite instrument for the first time.

How can Peggy and I thank you for this truly amazing gift to our lives. In some ways the Shigeru Kawai grand is a culmination of more than sixty years of playing piano personally and professionally, and immersing ourselves in the abundant living that emanates from music's discipline, practice and performance.

The extra privilege of having a Shigeru representative come to our home just a few weeks ago to do an “in-the-setting rendering” has all the more endeared the Edmonds' family to the great disposition of the Shigeru Company. Yoshi's skill, sensitivity, and perfect knowledge of the instrument's capability, were indelibly etched into our thinking during the five hours spent with him. His perfect and truly sweet demeanor graced our home as well.

Investing in a Grand Piano was a big decision, but once decided, it turned out to be one of the best decisions we have made.
Having a handcrafted Kawai grand piano in our living room has tremendously enhanced my daughter's love and commitment to music. Playing on such a responsive and rich instrument has really influenced both the level of her playing as well as how much time she spends playing.

One point that I'd like to add is how wonderfully accommodating you both were during the 'discovery period'. It was invaluable to have the opportunity to come as many times as we needed. The process of deciding on which piano was the best fit for our family included the kids coming over more than once and playing many of your pianos and you were very gracious in offering us the time we needed.

Sue Thibault – Mother

As a student of music, I was amazed to find how much my growth as a musician was accelerating through the upgrade of owning a grand piano. I am able to express myself through the piano more fluidly and truly now than ever before...all the colors and textures I was striving to achieve now are unlocked and rest before my fingertips. It is a beautiful connection between the creative mind and heart, the human figure to the mechanics, and the material instrument to the sound of expression.

Paige Thibault, age 15