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Piano Services

Keeping a piano in proper working condition is a job that's best left to qualified professionals. That's why so many families and organizations prefer to have their work done by Hilbert Pianos. We have decades of experience working on a variety of pianos needing various repairs. We can give you a quick evaluation of whether a piano is worth having work done on it and what options are available for improving it for your circumstances.
Grand action and Tools—Piano Service Hilbert Pianos Bristol, VT
We are highly trained and strive to perform our work to the highest standard of quality.
Services available:
  • Tuning and Repairs
  • Cleaning
  • Regulation
  • Voicing
  • Estimates
  • Appraisals
  • Piano Moving
Tuning and repairs
Tuning is the adjustment of the tension of the strings to correct the pitch. Recommended by manufacturers at least once or twice a year, tunings should be part of regular maintenance to preserve your piano's condition and value. If a student is taking lessons, it is very important that the piano be in tune throughout the year to help in developing good ear training.
Many minor repairs or adjustments can often be made at the tuning appointment for no extra cost. For anything more extensive, an extra charge will be added.
We can often do a quick cleaning of the piano at the tuning appointment for no extra cost. Dust build-up can attract and hold moisture leading to mold.
Piano Service Hilbert Pianos Bristol, VT
Over time, the felt, cloth and leather parts gradually compress and wear. Because each note is played a different numbers of times in different ways, inconsistent wear causes each note to feel uneven compared to its neighbor. Regulation is the mechanical adjustment of the moving parts (action) to restore the evenness of touch and to optimize the power and repetition to each note. Regulation is typically scheduled every 5 to 10 years, depending on how heavily the piano gets played. After 10 years, parts may need some reconditioning before regulation can be successfully done. Reconditioning involves cleaning, restoration of proper friction to moving parts, lubrication, restoration of proper dimensions for noise reduction and proper fit of parts.
Outside of regular tunings, and an occasional repair, many piano owners aren't aware of the other types of maintenance that can enhance the enjoyment of their instrument. Ask us how reconditioning and regulation can improve your piano's playing condition.
Ed regulating on bench—Piano Service Hilbert Pianos Bristol, VT
Voicing is the tonal adjustment of the hammer felt and strings. As a felt hammer repeatedly hits the strings, grooves develop on the felt's striking surface. Over time these grooves will get deeper and longer and the tonal quality starts to change. Most of the time the tone becomes harder and harsher with extensive wear, but sometimes if the felt is very soft to begin with it can have the opposite effect. In a soft-felted hammer, the deep grooves surround the vibrating string, diminishing its ability to vibrate which deadens the tone and reduces its sustain or ability to “sing”. By reshaping the hammers to a more focused or pointed strike point, we can get rid of the grooves and restore the hammer's original shape to bring about better tone quality. Insertion of needles into the felt can also release some of the compression of the hammer felt and round out the tonal quality.
String voicing is something not all technicians include in voicing services, but is very important for clarity of tone, projection, sustain and overall balance of piano tone from lowest bass to highest treble. We make sure strings are properly seated on the bridges, various places on the cast iron plate, and that the hammers properly match the strings for optimal power transfer and good tone quality. Ask us to demonstrate on your piano how we can change the tonal quality to suit your personal taste.
We can give you an estimate for work needed on your piano and can offer different options for doing the work to fit your budget, needs or time frame. We charge for written estimates, but if you decide to go ahead with the work proposed, the cost of the estimate will be deducted from the total cost of the work.
We offer appraisals for insurance purposes, for donations to non-profits, or for sales.
Piano Moving
We use Northern Piano Moving for all of our piano moving and we highly recommend them. Please contact Josh Merryfield at

Please see “Rebuilding/Restoration” page for details on Reconditioning and Rebuilding work offered