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Enhance any piano with the perfect accessory

Stop in today and browse our extensive inventory of quality piano accessories and products. You can rely on our friendly and experienced piano experts to assist you in finding exactly what you need to get the most out of your piano playing experience.

Need a gift for that someone special? A Gift Certificate can be your perfect solution and can be used for any of the following items:

Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver Climate Control System and Supplies - We are Certified Dampp - Chaser Piano Life Saver Installers.
The most important part of good piano maintenance is keeping the humidity as constant as possible. Because tuning instability and physical deterioration are the obvious results of continued humidity fluctuations extremes, the installation of a Piano Life Saver System is the best way to ensure the piano is protected from the devastating effects of humidity changes. For more details, ask us or go online to:

Benches – We have some in stock and we can custom order benches, made in U.S.A., in a variety of finishes and bench leg styles.
Types available:

  • Artist – padded adjustable benches
  • Grand and upright, hardtop benches with music compartments
  • Grand and upright upholstered benches with music compartments
  • Digital benches with and without music compartments
  • GBench pads come in a variety of colors to match your décor.
Bench - Piano Accessories in Bristol, VT
Artist bench
Hardtop bench with music compartment
Lamps – High-quality House of Troy music lamps, made in Vermont

Polishes - Furniture polishes, key cleaner and polishing cloths
Composer busts
- Pick one of your favorites
Polishes - Piano Accessories in Bristol, VT
Polishes and cloths       Lamps      Composer busts
Metronomes – Who wouldn't want to practice with these fun characters?
Piano Dollies - Piano Accessories in Bristol, VT
Piano dollies/trucks
Shiny Piano - Piano Accessories in Bristol, VT
Custom-made Piano CoversWe can custom order covers in a variety of fabrics – canvas with flannel lining, vinyl with flannel lining for protection in moist conditions, and quilted covers for heavier protection. We can even have your cover personalized with your piano company's name.
Custom Cover - Piano Accessories in Bristol, VT
Most standard custom cover skirts are 16" long.
This custom quilted piano cover reaches the floor and has the optional piano logo embroidered.
Caster cups
Caster Cups - Piano Accessories in Bristol, VT
Caster cups come in various colors and in plastic or wood
Fallboard Locks
Fallboard Lock - Piano Accessories in Bristol, VT
A fallboard lock can keep the piano closed and protected